Our masks are 100% cotton, machine washable, & with a removable 1500 microparticle HEPA filter. 


All our HEPA filters are 1500 microparticle. These filters protect against the following:

- Viruses

- Bacteria

- Cough/Sneeze Debris

- Smog

- Smoke

- Pet Dander

- Pollen


*We do not guarantee that you will not contract any sort of virus while wearing this product. 


How to clean your mask

    1. Remove filter place in a CLEAN Ziploc bag

    2. Wash & dry mask on a delicate cycle.

    3. Once dry place filter back in a mask with the sticker facing towards the face

Spider-man Childrens Mask 100% Cotton, Includes 1 HEPA Filter

  • Due to the heath nature of our products, there will be not returns allowed. If you have any concerns about the product after purchase and receipt please email us at covered19masks@gmail.com. Thank you!